James May roasts YouTubers' cars AGAIN

He showed no mercy last time, and he's back at it again! James May has sifted through the current crop of cars in the garages of the top FItoprs of the world to give them a slight roasting. Enjoy!

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@Gordon Ramsay
@Peter McKinnon
@Tj Hunt
@Becky Evans
@Lana Rhoades x 3G1K




    2 kuukautta sitten

    🚨We're giving away a Tesla Model 3 or £40k cash! 🚨 Check out the description for more info 💸

    • First Name

      First Name

      2 tuntia sitten

      Horrendous editing made the video really bad! You got some nerve begging that scams after this crud 🤣🤣🤣🤌

    • Benjamin Rassy

      Benjamin Rassy

      8 tuntia sitten

      Not the Tesla that broke is it lol poor James.

    • Pwnzistor


      5 päivää sitten

      Awww, UK only.

    • Marky Mark

      Marky Mark

      7 päivää sitten

      not a u.k. resident

    • davidoffon


      8 päivää sitten

      That is not giving. But, it is lying!!

  2. Outlaw Dingo

    Outlaw Dingo

    10 minuuttia sitten

    I like how he roasts Gordon Ramsay's cooking instead of his car😂😂😂

  3. Luke


    27 minuuttia sitten

    "Pink is a color I struggle with" *James says while wearing pink*

  4. daan s

    daan s

    3 tuntia sitten

    Wouldn't be surprised if him and Gordon are mates

  5. Mikal


    4 tuntia sitten

    I'm glad to see May still owns that shirt. Anyway. What do you think about a Dodge Durango R/T? I know it's not a European sports coupe or saloon. Its what I could afford.

  6. Weaseltube


    10 tuntia sitten

    Maybe if Jeffree had added purple bands to the pink Rolls it would have been stylish, right James?

  7. 93redcamaroz28


    13 tuntia sitten

    “I struggle with pink” -an elderly gentleman in a pink and purple striped shirt.

  8. Sam Hall

    Sam Hall

    15 tuntia sitten

    Struggles with pink, yet wears a pink and purple striped rugby polo? I mean come on...

  9. Sir Cakington

    Sir Cakington

    15 tuntia sitten

    I love the subtle nod to him winning a cooking competition against gordon.

  10. Goofy 772

    Goofy 772

    15 tuntia sitten

    I’ll roast all the cars for you. Bought not built = not that fast 😂🤣

  11. Artur Arruda

    Artur Arruda

    15 tuntia sitten

    James May looking like king Theóden under Saruman's influence this days.

  12. Vojtěch Bruzek

    Vojtěch Bruzek

    16 tuntia sitten

    Every time James is lifting his glasses, showing his real opinion. 😅3:56

  13. Karthik S

    Karthik S

    16 tuntia sitten

    Anything to keep Gordon Ramsay from cooking. Bull's eye roasted.

  14. liam harris

    liam harris

    16 tuntia sitten

    Can we find out what watch he’s wearing I like that

  15. Marty 3000

    Marty 3000

    20 tuntia sitten

    I feel so bad for everyone buying a Hypercar and then getting 110% destroyed by a Tesla😂

  16. William Peters

    William Peters

    20 tuntia sitten

    "they just give him things to do to stop him cooking..." brilliant.

  17. emperor palpatine

    emperor palpatine

    21 tunti sitten

    james saying he doesnt like old things is the biggest plot twist of the century

  18. PrestoAndo26


    23 tuntia sitten

    Up the mighty land cruiser 🤙🤙

  19. Michael M

    Michael M

    23 tuntia sitten

    While wearing a pink and purple shirt 🤣🤣🤣

  20. CodeRedCody


    Päivä sitten

    A Lamborghini is like a car for people who want a super car but don’t know anything about cars

  21. KhasKid YT

    KhasKid YT

    Päivä sitten


  22. Schlomo Dinkelstein

    Schlomo Dinkelstein

    Päivä sitten

    2.20 I bet he was looking her videos in the break

  23. Davis


    Päivä sitten

    James may looks like old stampy

  24. Juji-Gatame


    Päivä sitten

    James dressed like the Cheshire Cat

  25. Naughtius Maximus

    Naughtius Maximus

    Päivä sitten

    That jumper gives me so much nostalgia

  26. Criptixx


    Päivä sitten

    This is actually just a way for May to flex what cars he has

  27. yurkur


    Päivä sitten

    James May kinda lookin like Brian May

  28. Emmanuel Obiegbu

    Emmanuel Obiegbu

    Päivä sitten

    0:57 he shifts as if the slide will hit him

  29. iwantmycountryback kg

    iwantmycountryback kg

    Päivä sitten

    I think james needs a mirror before any roasting goes on

  30. Peter Lemonjello

    Peter Lemonjello

    Päivä sitten

    I agree here about the Huracan. Great looking, great performing vehicle. But the H is silent!

  31. sacheev krishanu

    sacheev krishanu

    Päivä sitten

    u cannot get old

  32. Rhys Wilkie

    Rhys Wilkie

    2 päivää sitten

    I've got a ute

  33. Clay Gross

    Clay Gross

    2 päivää sitten

    Once again Mays dry humor has made my day

  34. Dzonza _

    Dzonza _

    2 päivää sitten

    Put james may lana rhoades and gordon ramsey in the thumbnail bruhh

  35. Si Hopebgood

    Si Hopebgood

    2 päivää sitten

    This honestly looks like this was recorded by the nurses in the garden of the old peoples home that James now lives in.

  36. Owen Jolley 3

    Owen Jolley 3

    2 päivää sitten

    I actually had to do a double check when I saw Lana Rhoades in the thumbnail.

  37. Petar


    2 päivää sitten

    he looks so old

  38. Sajed Berjewe

    Sajed Berjewe

    2 päivää sitten

    Did he say the n-word on train or plane idk please correct me

  39. Cristian Florea

    Cristian Florea

    2 päivää sitten

    Am I the only one who grew with top gear and sees how time passed over us? All?

  40. buranagel


    2 päivää sitten

    do whistlin diesel

  41. Very Honest

    Very Honest

    2 päivää sitten

    Diddy got the maybach not no Escalade that's racist lol

  42. tv tissue

    tv tissue

    2 päivää sitten

    I go to the dump and have a pickup so it can hold trash cans

  43. Ryan Wilkins

    Ryan Wilkins

    2 päivää sitten

    Imagine being recommended this the day after the competition closes 🙄

  44. Ondrej Marecek

    Ondrej Marecek

    2 päivää sitten

    James may sais he doesn't like old things and believes you should always... you know... try and move on. He also says that wearing shirt probably older than most of his drivetribe audience (me included). :D

  45. Anglo Browza

    Anglo Browza

    2 päivää sitten

    So far the only one I’ve heard of is Lana

  46. vladimir curkoski

    vladimir curkoski

    2 päivää sitten

    Tavarish seems to be cool guy, that G-wagon looks like tennis ball

  47. bushweednever


    2 päivää sitten

    @Tavarish your Bugatti Veyron has autism.

  48. Kenneth Thomson

    Kenneth Thomson

    2 päivää sitten

    Pink is a colour I struggle with. Wearing a pink and purple striped top.

  49. Casey Snow

    Casey Snow

    2 päivää sitten

    "James May roasts FItopr's cars again" first car: "well done!"

  50. Cormac Keenan

    Cormac Keenan

    2 päivää sitten

    James has gone full Worzel Gummidge.

  51. Could have been a hippie

    Could have been a hippie

    2 päivää sitten

    Is may not wearing pink 🤔

  52. Ian Fisher

    Ian Fisher

    2 päivää sitten

    ''pink is a colour I struggle with'' says the man in the pink shirt.....but anyway the Mercedes G -Wagon colour, um..sort of baby poo yellow.

  53. Cnut Olderson

    Cnut Olderson

    2 päivää sitten

    I’m glad to see Trotsky found peace

  54. Stefan Hoffman

    Stefan Hoffman

    2 päivää sitten

    Critical of purple and pink eh? Nice shirt.

  55. Lee Shaun

    Lee Shaun

    2 päivää sitten

    I've not heard of or seen a single person shown on this video, apart from James May. And I approve of this.

  56. Kenneth


    3 päivää sitten

    James May: I like how rappers drive slow to show off cars. Everyone: Yay~ Captain Slow.

  57. jamie elfman

    jamie elfman

    3 päivää sitten

    That g-wagon wasn’t lifted, it has portal axles. Come on, man!

  58. Joel Alexander

    Joel Alexander

    3 päivää sitten

    "the whole rap movement" 😂😂😂😂

  59. alex zorkin

    alex zorkin

    3 päivää sitten

    You sort of need a truck to move a camera and a cameraman

  60. Simon Fredette (Simon's 3D Printing)

    Simon Fredette (Simon's 3D Printing)

    3 päivää sitten

    do you guys not camp and stuff, I need a pickup because every weekend im towing a boat, with an ATV in the box and my gear. Buying renovation materials for the cottage etc. I mean it could be done with a van and a trailer

  61. David Wilson

    David Wilson

    3 päivää sitten

    An old man who is saying he doesn't like old things and we should move on to newer things? Dr. Kevorkian please setup !

  62. Anna Ripoll

    Anna Ripoll

    3 päivää sitten

    "Like, comment, subscribe. I wouldn't." lol

  63. UNYcross


    3 päivää sitten

    I struggle with pink.. wearing a pink shirt.. lol

  64. Gabriel Steele

    Gabriel Steele

    3 päivää sitten

    I don't think you should have a pickup Every guy in the US: 😠😡😤😑

  65. TRITON


    3 päivää sitten

    i struggle with pink - james may (while wearing pink)

  66. Waygadoo


    3 päivää sitten

    When was the last time May looked in the mirror? Mirror roasts him every time.

  67. The brummie Rail enthusiasts

    The brummie Rail enthusiasts

    3 päivää sitten

    Look how James may has changed since grand tour co presenting days he’s now in the glasses and he’s grown a moustache and beard

  68. Yasser Masood

    Yasser Masood

    3 päivää sitten

    I agree people should move on. So when are you moving on with hairstyle and wardrobe?

  69. Martin


    3 päivää sitten


  70. Robert Burbulea

    Robert Burbulea

    3 päivää sitten

    4:35 pink is a colour I struggle Well do you?

  71. mbPhase23


    3 päivää sitten

    "A very prickly music movement." Love it

  72. cono07


    3 päivää sitten

    Pink is a colour I struggle with. He is wearing a pink and purple shirt

  73. Cap'n Jay Greybeard

    Cap'n Jay Greybeard

    3 päivää sitten

    At 8:58, only reason Ford has such high selling trucks is because the 35% import Tax ("Chicken Tax" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_tax) in the USA against Honda and Toyota and other import trucks from other world countries.

  74. Cap'n Jay Greybeard

    Cap'n Jay Greybeard

    3 päivää sitten

    At 4:29 he hates pink but is wearing pink...

  75. Louis Milone

    Louis Milone

    3 päivää sitten

    Woa,what happened with his face hair?

  76. Abdul & Rezwana

    Abdul & Rezwana

    3 päivää sitten

    I thought Rolf Harris was in prison

  77. Metal Morphine

    Metal Morphine

    3 päivää sitten

    You know it's serious when Captain Slow himself roasting you.

  78. Big Squeek-Guidry

    Big Squeek-Guidry

    4 päivää sitten


  79. XODuke


    4 päivää sitten

    hes wearing the top/shirt

  80. Brian Holmes

    Brian Holmes

    4 päivää sitten

    James May looks at Lana Rhodes' car the way most people look at her... ahem... other content

  81. edward wigmore

    edward wigmore

    4 päivää sitten

    Rolls Royce drumming down. Pink cars ffs!!! The Cullinan - essentially a very rich person's estate car. And who in their right mind buys a PINK rolls Royce. Dear oh dear.

  82. Darren Fuerst

    Darren Fuerst

    4 päivää sitten

    Yeaaa tavarishes veyron was a joke

  83. Patrick Tötterström

    Patrick Tötterström

    4 päivää sitten

    I'm a hobby-beekeeper and I really would like to have a pick up truck! I imagine it's way less stressful to transport the Beehives on the outside of the car. I'd miss the looks, when I drive in full Beekeeping gear though.

  84. Rishi Makhanlal

    Rishi Makhanlal

    4 päivää sitten

    4:35 "Pink is a color I struggle with" James: Wears iconic pink jumper

  85. LONDON


    4 päivää sitten


  86. Mr.LeeBuns


    4 päivää sitten


  87. chaton roux

    chaton roux

    4 päivää sitten

    2:50 nah it looks like a trx4

  88. element:earth


    4 päivää sitten

    May should listen to Immortal Technique

  89. C Suggs

    C Suggs

    4 päivää sitten

    Billy Connolly is looking well 😂

  90. Replicant 2049

    Replicant 2049

    4 päivää sitten

    "Pink is a colour I struggle with" critiqued the man wearing two shades of pink

  91. 24 Hours Stagefright

    24 Hours Stagefright

    4 päivää sitten

    Sir May referring about...

  92. Miss Marple's Bum Fuzz

    Miss Marple's Bum Fuzz

    4 päivää sitten

    The 930 Porsche had non standard wheels.

  93. S1m31


    4 päivää sitten

    pink like your shirt :)

  94. Nico Tribaldos

    Nico Tribaldos

    4 päivää sitten

    the fact that James May didn’t know about the 4x4 squared baffles me. I think that color is stock, too.

    • Alex Tremblay

      Alex Tremblay

      2 tuntia sitten

      On the picture everything was stock! Baffle me too

  95. Adi Ovadia

    Adi Ovadia

    5 päivää sitten

    James sure knows how to keep his cloth in top shape for years. same shirt from the early 2000's top gear episodes, he's awesome.

  96. Jaafar Hassan

    Jaafar Hassan

    5 päivää sitten

    Can we ignore his critqiues for a second and appreciate he's still wearing the same jumper he wore so many times on top gear?

  97. Devo


    5 päivää sitten

    "Why do you have a pickup truck?" *All of Australia disliked this*

    • Texas T

      Texas T

      2 päivää sitten

      as well as all of the southern US

  98. LazZanZaz


    5 päivää sitten

    I wouldn't too

  99. -Carlos -Danger

    -Carlos -Danger

    5 päivää sitten

    That sweater is as famous as James May.

  100. SteamrollerUSA


    5 päivää sitten

    How many times does he give us the bird??